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Different Names for Cash Advance Loans

passing-cash Even if the economy has left you with bad credit, you have options for being able to get a loan for an unexpected emergency. One of the various kinds of loans you may qualify for is a cash advance loan online. Cash advance loans are useful for emergencies like a car repair or a medical crisis, and if used responsibly, can be a way to get quick cash.

There are many different names for cash advance loans. You may already be familiar with a typical cash advance from a short term lender: providing some basic information such as your bank statement and pay stub (or other requirements that can vary from lender to lender), then the lender makes a decision on your loan. If you are approved and you accept the loan offer, you could have the funds deposited into your account in as little as 24 hours in some cases. Here are some of the different names for cash advance loans:

  • Credit Card Cash Advance: Many credit card companies offer a cash advance limit along with a line of credit. This cash advance limit allows you to pull emergency cash from a bank or an ATM machine.
  • Paycheck Advance: Some people choose a paycheck as a cash advance option. This involves taking money from your next paycheck in advance for faster cash. Their next paycheck will reflect the funds that were taken out for the advance.
  • Cash Advance Installment Loan: Much like a typical cash advance loan, a cash advance installment loan involves supplying similar information as a cash advance (though that information varies from lender to lender), but the loan has a fixed payment schedule.
  • Business Cash Advance: For those who are entrepreneurs or are already business owners, a business cash advance may be an option to inject cash to help jump start or pay for an unexpected business emergency.
  • Payday Loans: One of the most common types of cash advance loans is a payday loan. If you have submitted the relevant information and are approved for the loan, repayment on the loan is expected on your next payday.

The first step in getting a cash advance is finding a lender that can meet your needs. That’s where Money Mutual comes in. While we are not a lender, you can connect with a diverse group of lenders who may be able to get you the emergency cash you’re looking for. Then decide from the different types of cash advance loans available and how much cash you need. With the relevant information, a decision is possible within minutes and funds can be directly deposited into your checking account in as little as 24 hours. Remember to use cash advance loans responsibly.

The first step in getting a cash advance is finding the right lender for your needs

cash-roll Even though many people have had their credit go bad due to the economy, that doesn’t mean they don’t have options when it comes to getting a loan, and cash advance loans are just one of the options out there. Money Mutual is a way for people to connect with a diverse group of lenders who may be able to help them get the funds they need quickly, securely and safely.