Unfortunately, our Holiday Cash giveaway has ended, but that doesn't mean the fun is over! Stay tuned to find out when you can play the Holiday Gift Toss game any time of year, and try and improve your score!

The Holiday Cash Giveaway was a runaway success! So many people shared the game over Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Would you believe we had an average of 2,200 plays a day? Wow! That's a lot of gifts tossed into the Toys for Tots truck!

And speaking of Toys for Tots, we're pleased to hear that our $25,000 donation made many kids' and families' holidays better this season. Toys for Tots does great work all year round, and we're proud to support them!

We hope that all the winners were able to have a happier holiday with their $500 prizes! Congratulations to all of them! Check out the list of winners.

Stay tuned on our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles for our next exciting sweepstakes!

Thanks for playing and have a Happy New Year!