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Montel Williams

Montel Williams Endorses MoneyMutual

Many people who know Montel Williams remember him as the host of the long-running talk show The Montel Williams Show. But Montel remains in the public limelight by continuing to be outspoken on a number of issues, and also the spokesperson for MoneyMutual. He has been quite outspoken over the years for finding ways to help those in need.

“Montel Williams endorses MoneyMutual’s online marketplace ”

Montel has endorsed MoneyMutual because it allows people who have no other short-term cash alternatives to find lenders who offer payday loans and cash advances. Short-term loans can provide an option to those who experience an emergency situation and find it difficult to pay expenses due to lack of funds or credit.

Montel has always taken pride in being able to provide people with information to help them live better physically, spiritually, financially, and emotionally. He understands that people encounter unexpected expenses in life, and having access to that emergency cash when they need it the most, can really make a difference. Williams has spent a great deal of his life helping others, from his career in the military to his founding of the MS Foundation to his work with a wide variety of charities. He continues to support products and companies that are able to help people who are in dire financial conditions.

In many cases, a payday loan may be the answer to a bad financial situation and may help you avoid making the situation worse. Because cash advances have helped to so many people in financial crisis, Montel Williams endorses MoneyMutual and the resource it provides. He also promotes the idea of choosing and using payday loans and short term cash advances in a responsible manner.

Montel knows that there are many reasons why people choose a cash advance. More often than not, it is a temporary method of dealing with unexpected expenses like a mechanic’s bill or a medical bill. When used responsibly and paid back promptly, the loan can be a sensible way of handling unexpected expenses and that is why so many people choose to make use of it.

Understanding how a payday loan works is important before you make the decision to find a lender. Be sure to ask yourself if this type of loan could help you with your current financial situation and if you will be able to pay it back on time. If you have an unexpected expense and you still have some time before payday, it certainly could help you a great deal.

Rather than bounce a check, or receive late payment penalties, Montel believes that finding a short term cash lender through MoneyMutual’s marketplace can help provide the immediate assistance to avoid expensive fees. According to Montel Williams, “MoneyMutual’s online marketplace is a resource you can trust for finding a short term lender quickly and easily.”

Montel Williams Biography

Montel Williams is one of the most recognized television personalities in the world after having conducted more than 30,000 interviews. He hosted “The Montel Williams Show,” a syndicated talk show that was distributed for 17 years by CBS Paramount Television. Williams taped more than 3,500 shows and was known for focusing on problems confronting ordinary people as they coped with financial problems, joblessness, illness and other issues.

Williams, born July 3, 1956, knows first-hand about personal problems. He has multiple sclerosis, but maintains a hectic work schedule despite the disease. The illness inspires Williams to help others, as evidenced by his endorsement of a variety of health products.

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999, Montel established the Montel Williams Foundation. The foundation has issued grants totaling more than $1.5 million for the study of multiple sclerosis, including one study at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Montel’s full name is Montel Brian Anthony Williams, and he was born in Baltimore, Md. He enlisted in the Marines in 1974 and later moved to the Navy. He enrolled at the United States Naval Academy and graduated in 1980 with a degree in engineering. He went on to serve a total of 22 years in the military.

His military career was outstanding, as he enlisted in the Marines in his hometown after high school and then earned two promotions within six months. He became the first African-American selected to the Naval Academy Prep School and later enrolled at the Naval Academy. In addition to his engineering studies, Montel has studied Russian language and Mandarin Chinese. In the military he used the foreign language background to become a special duty intelligence officer with a specialization in cryptology.

Montel also is an actor. He has appeared on television programs such as “All My Children,” “JAG,” and “American Dreams.” In 2009 he was nominated for a NAACP Image Award for his performances in “Guiding Light.” The NAACP nomination recognized him for “Outstanding Actor in a Television Series.” He also starred in an off-Broadway play, “The Exonerated”.

“His success on television and as an author has made him known to millions of people”

Many of his fans know him as a bestselling author. He wrote inspirational memoirs “Climbing Higher”, “Living Well; 21 Days to Transform Your Life, Supercharge Your Health and Feel Spectacular”, and “Mountain, Get Out of My Way.” All of which made “The New York Times” bestseller lists. He is the coauthor of another bestseller, “Bodychange.”

His success on television and as an author has made him known to millions of people. His fans believe in him because of his incredible life story, including his distinguished military career and his battle against multiple sclerosis. His overall life story is one of the key reasons MoneyMutual sought him as an endorser. After agreeing to endorse MoneyMutual Montel said on television, “MoneyMutual’s online marketplace is a resource you can trust for finding a short term loan quickly and easily.”

He is easily recognizable on television because of his bald head. He started shaving his head in 1982 – nine years before “The Montel Williams Show” maintained its debut. He credits proper eating and fitness as one of the keys to battling multiple sclerosis. After being diagnosed with the disease he said, “This disease is not going to stop me. We don’t know how long I have had it for, but I have been misdiagnosed for 10 years.”

He lives in New York City and is said to be an avid snowboarder and roller coaster enthusiast in his free time.

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