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Consumer Advisory

Deceptive Ads and Sites Discovered!

Be aware that organizations are creating fake ads and sites to lure consumers to "look-a-like" MoneyMutual web sites. They may include fake security icons and look like legitimate short-term loans sites. These sites may deceptively be collecting your personal information. Victims have been receiving harassing phone calls or emails demanding money, and may even see funds illegally withdrawn from their bank accounts.

NEWS UPDATE: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently filed a complaint against a fake debt collector making harassing phone calls for "phantom payday loan debts". To read more:

The security of your information is important to MoneyMutual which is a proud member of the Online Lenders Alliance ( OLA is proud to announce the launch of the OLA Consumer Hotline at 1-866-299-7585. The Consumer Hotline is a resource for online customers to speak to live operators to answer questions about online short-term lending and report fraudulent phone calls.

What You Need to Know:
MoneyMutual works closely with search engines to identify and eliminate counterfeit ads and web sites. However, always make sure you are on the right site before entering your information. Avoid becoming a victim of fraud by going to the official MoneyMutual web site.

Here's what you need to look for:


If you feel you have been a victim of fraud, please contact your local authorities or click on one of these links below:

If you have more questions, please call the MoneyMutual Customer Support at 800-460-9090

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